The Characteristics Of Humanitarian Logistics And Supply Chain Management

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Because the disaster aid made up of about 80 % of logistics it is only fitting that it’s achieved through smart, dynamic and adequate logistics workmanship or operations. Van Wassenhove (2006:475).whatever kind of disaster that happens logistics and supply chain management is involved this includes humanitarian logistics. Logistics is a piece of any disaster relief this implies the difference between a notable and lacking and fizzle operation. Van Wassenhove (2006:476) this paper focuses on humanitarian logistics and reliving the affected victim in Alexandra Township who were left homeless after their shacks got swept away by flash floods
Thomas and Mizushima (2005:60) expound humanitarian logistics as the technique of planning, executing and
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Humanitarian logistics strives to create enlightenment on how logistics can contribute to making society more conscious and increase their reciprocity to disasters.
As a newly appointed logistics manager my response with regards to the flash floods would be first to ensure that I provide transportation preferably helicopters to evacuate the victims to a save location, to ensure adequate shelter facility as to move the victims in as well as ensuring adequate supply of food, clothes as well as emergency health facilities with all the necessary needs .to help calm the victims down and keep them save and
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Coordinating mechanisms shall be taken on for vital disaster functions while not omitting out local civil and community groups. It is desirable to organise ahead of time. The above recommended strategies could improve problem disentangling abilities and its chances of success. A reactive, elastic and efficient logistics and supply is essential at both the relief and restoration stages (Oloruntoba and Gray,

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