Similarities Between Beowulf And Batman

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Destiny McCrory
Kathleen Orfanedes
English IV
February 23, 2018
Modern day heroes are held to a similar standard in terms altruistic justice and the achievement of glory through the liberation of others from a source of conflict. Modern heroes have the tendency to reflect attributes needed in the confrontation of internal conflicts that might not be fatal, but continue to represent a dire need for salvation. Comparatively, the heroes of past epics reflect superficial attributes of heroism including physical strength, success in conquest, and honor. The parameters of a hero sway with a pendulum of societal conflicts, an element that is evident in the simple intentions of Beowulf as the protagonist.
The element of physical strength is an attribute
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A modern hero who also displays this quality of mental strength aided by physical strength is Batman. In Gotham nights he states “That's what you have to hold on to. All of us are what we are because we lost something we thought we couldn't live without, and were proven wrong.” A common motivation between Beowulf and Batman can also be motivation through potential risk, although Batman has personal motivations based on his past and
Beowulf’s motivations are in relation to adulation through victory.
Another notable attribute of Beowulf's heroism that relates to the superficial heroic characteristics of the past is honorability. In the epic, Beowulf displays self confidence in the defeat of Grendel. This confidence is so absolute that he makes the decision not to use weapons against the Demon. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, he chooses to use his hands. The aspect that makes this act honorable is that he: a hero agrees to meet a demon with equal standing, to defeat him fairly. A quote that represents this is “To bear a blade or a broad-fashioned target/A shield to the onset; only with hand-grip/I, too, shall disdain to
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However, Beowulf was written as an epic, so the platform that is used to boast of his credentials as a hero is very similar to oratory lore. “Who valuable gift-gems of the Geatmen

carried As peace-offering thither, that he thirty men’s grapple, Has in his hand, the hero-in-battle.God hath sent him to our rescue. The holy Creator usward sent him”(stanza 15 lines 8-11)”. A significant characteristic of
Beowulf that should also be noted is that he doesn’t “boast” his abilities without question, although he is assured. Compared to characters of modern hero stories, this element remains universally unaltered.
To concisely summarize, historical context has a significant impact on the circumstances by heroic traits are produced. However, the heroes of today- though more esoteric in their motivations- reflect the simular standard of heroism in battle as Beowulf. Beowulf is the ideal hero of his era: a brute with a moral compass. In the same context a hero character such as
Batman can be seen as a brute with a moral compass. The significant difference is in character flaw, as modern society tends to support characters with a well developed backstory and relatable human flaws with a higher degree of

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