The Characteristics Of American Identity

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American Identity
In today’s society, no two people in America look alike. Almost any person will not be visibly identical to another randomly chosen American person. The amount of diversity within America is insurmountable compared to any other nation. The United States of America is the only country where one’s nationality can easily have no relation with the country they currently live in. Consequently, what could bring a country with millions of ethnically different people together? The American identity is what millions have in common. We are all unified under a similar idea which stems from President Barack Obama as he states in one of his campaign speeches in 2008, “…that we may not look the same and we may not have come from the same place, but we all want to move in the same
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It has become the trend to have the best fashion or cellular device. In order to stay relevant, one must be able to have all of the materials, which may seem a necessity in their mind but in reality is a luxury. In the article “Objectif Lune”, written by a French writer named Charles Dantzig, the author writes his opinion of the defining traits of an American citizen. Americans are perceived as crass and unsophisticated with Dantzig stating, “They go to court over everything. This is a way of making money, of course, and of causing trouble for one’s neighbor, but more deeply it points to the fact that, for them, nothing follows from itself.” (71) It can be said that the American people are individualistic and having money is the standard definition of levels of success. This stereotype rings true in many cases, but also brings down the American identity aspect from other people’s view. America is seen so negatively towards other countries because of how materialistic and selfish it may be

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