The Character Of Janie'sTheir Eyes Were Watching God?

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What is the measure of a life? This question has plagued philosophers for thousands of years. Everyone has their own answer, which helps each and every person work towards something. One prevalent answer that many people give is that a measure of a life is a measure of love and respect that person earn from those around them. This want to make impact on other people's lives is usually due to a predominant fear that many people have. A fear greater than death itself: Being forgotten. But for Janie, the main character of Their Eyes Were Watching God, She learns to overcome this fear. Instead, she is driven by her quest for happiness to interact with those around. Throughout her extensive life, Janie came into contact with a variety of character. Those she liked, she affected positively. Those she didn’t, she affected negatively. Janie affected people's lives differently depending her feelings toward them proving that members of a community can change a person depending what they think about them One life that Janie affected early on was that of her Grandmother. Nanny held great authority over her Granddaughter, and this was the main reason why Janie got married at such a young ag. Nanny wanted to see that her closest blood relation was safe in the care of another. Because Janie loved and respected her ‘Nanny’, she was willing to head into a marriage with Logan Killick, a rich yet boring old man. This let her Grandmother die with peace in her mind and

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