The Change Groups And Social Movements Throughout America 's History

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There have been a plethora of social change groups and social movements throughout America’s history. Each group has a goal and a blockage in their way. Each group is fighting generally for the same thing, equality. The following quote from Lakota Women, states that a movement is only as good as the people opposing or disagreeing with it, “Some people say that a movement dies the moment it becomes acceptable” (82). For example, school walkouts and blowouts were led by a group of Los Angeles students who were fed up with how they were being treated at school. The students wanted change and they followed in a former activists footsteps, Martin Luther King Jr., by passively protesting for what they stood for. Almost every group can show signs of similarity, whether it is Native Americans fighting for their land, African Americans fighting for their freedom, women fighting for equality, laborers fighting for better work conditions and high pay, or Latinos fighting for rights to even be able to legally live in this country. Lakota women is based around the group of Native Americans. Native Americans have been being discriminated and given little to no respect ever since Christopher Columbus ‘found’ the beaches of what he thought was India. Columbus took advantage of the Natives. This quote from Christopher Columbus encapsulates his miniscule amount of respect he has for the Natives and the type of people they are. "The Indians are so naive and so free with their…

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