The Challenges Of Jonathan Borofsky And Michael Heizer

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Artists are the visual history takers of any given generation. They help to keep records of the progress of society, the challenges faced by a community and the things we use to find peace in our times of need. Two artists that serve as major player in early 1960s to the present day are Jonathan Borofsky and Michael Heizer, both men are American artists that specialize in sculptures though their art forms are different, they share a basic love of art and view that the process to create art that is loved is more important that the monetary gains or commercial appeal of their creations.
Jonathan Borofsky is known for his super-human sized art pieces that provide a specific location that can be used to reflect and help separate people from the hustle and bustle of their life and the city landscape that surrounds his sculptures. The majority of Borofsky’s pieces use the human body in their simplest form, to the point that the gender of the sculpture cannot be identified. These gender-neutral sculptures range in size from life-size to 70 feet tall and are established in locations from his home state of Maine to New York City and abroad in Germany, Sweden and other cities in Europe.
One of Borofsky’s most notable pieces of work is Hammering Man. Constructed out of steel with a mechanical arm holding a hammer that rocks back and forth, the sculpture represents the working man that is more focused on hammering away with his tools than life that is passing him by. The objective of

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