The Challenges Of Benemployment And Poverty In The United States

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America is a wonderful country and a great place to live, but we are faced with several problems in America today. We face the challenges of unemployment, warfare, industry automation, and a huge national debt, but if we can overcome these challenges we can work towards a brighter future. If we utilize the visions that America’s most powerful young minds and our vision for America.

A problem that we face in America today is unemployment. The reason why unemployment is so prevalent in America today is that America’s industries are moving overseas to find cheaper labor. We could solve this problem by instituting an international minimum wage. If instituted, this would mean around the world everyone who would work would make at least that wage,
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The nation’s funds are being drained by welfare. Why is welfare draining so many funds away you may ask, well the simple answer to that is welfare abuse. Welfare abuse is entirely too common place in beneficiaries of welfare and is the reason why government money is drained through the program. Many welfare abusers are unemployed, that may not be of any fault of their own, but welfare abusers are not even trying to get a job. They are content simply draining away government money and not having to work. In order to receive welfare, I believe the beneficiary should be employed, or be enrolled in a government employment help program. So if people are on welfare, they really need the help of government money. When the welfare program was originally established, it was intended to be a temporary structure to help people get back on their feet, but today it is being utilized as a permanent source of income. We need to reinstate welfare as what it used to be, a temporary place of refuge for people to get back on their feet, not a permanent source of income. When set in place, this will eject many welfare abusers from the program, saving a huge amount of tax dollars from being drained from the national

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