The Challenges Facing Online Business Essay

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This chapter critically reviews the work of previous researchers on the challenges facing the development of online businesses. Different research articles are compared in order to determine the views of different researchers on the challenges facing online business. This chapter of literature review is formed by four sections named “the concept of online business”, “the online business theoretical models”, “the normal literature-based challenges faced in online business domain” and “common ways to resolve the challenges & risks”.

2.2 The definition of online business

Online Business or e-businesses entail internet utilization for business processes empowerment and automation. This automation enables any online business to have an efficient and effective internal communication and significantly enhance collaboration between a company and its diverse partners. Successful online business processes calls for the employment of extranets, internet, and intranets among other technological means. There are many scholars’ research concepts towards the definition of online business. It is developed with the development of information communication technology (Winter, 2012; Wigand, 1997). The “big science” and “cyber infrastructure” technology together improves the internet connectivity and network capability, which enables the emergence of online trading patterns (Winter, 2012). Online business is also named as ‘electronic business’, ‘electronic markets’ or ‘electronic commerce’…

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