Sustainability Marketing: Sustainable Development And Human Development: Sustainable Development

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Sustainability marketing

In the second half of twentieth century, the social and environmental impact have become more noticeable and intense. Thus people’s concern about global resources depletion and wasted environmental system has reminded that human development can not be sustained. Therefore, a concept called sustainable development has been provided. The report named our common future referred to the definition of sustainable development which is to meet the present needs whilst saving the resources for the future generation meeting their needs (Our common future, 1987). During the period that sustainable development has been popularized. In the meantime, a management process through product or service reaching consumer called marketing
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Moreover, Bendell and Kearins (2005) claimed that if the political institutions support the sustainable consumption. It will be a lot simpler for companies to execute the sustainability marketing successfully. Therefore, sustainability marketing related to a concept called corporate social responsibility. It is an approach contributing the sustainable development and gained broad consent in social economic and environmental benefits interested by all stakeholders (Belz and Peattie, 2012;, …show more content…
Doherty et al. (2003) argued that only a few companies have created their online website in 1999. Madlberger and Kotzab (2006) and Ellis-Chadwick and Doherty (2006) found that internet usage still in its infancy. For instance, many companies’ websites provide more information rather than focus on the trade sector. The traditional retailers had set both online and offline retailing in the same time. As a result, Tao et al. (2010) suggested that internet retailing did not thrive and the traditional retailing still has its own

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