The Challenge For Hedge Fund Managers Essay

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My crime is, unfortunately, an all too common story for hedge fund managers, traders, and investment professionals. Faced with mounting trading losses, which would eventually total $22.5 million, I covered them up with misrepresentations about balances and returns while trying to make back the losses in a separate account using client funds, rather than admit my mistake when it was manageable—and legal. After my arrest and indictment, I plead guilty to one count of wire fraud and was sentenced to 151 months in Federal Prison for my crime.
After the initial shock of my arrest and indictment wore off, I went to work answering some the tough questions. What went wrong? How did I get to the point of committing outright fraud? How can I help others not get to that point in their lives? What do I do now? The answers coalesced into a clear direction for my future and the defining challenge for my life going forward, both personally and professionally: to help organizations, including my own again one day, and the wonderfully imperfect individuals within them to not only just stay out of prison but also to flourish and thrive. The community outreach program I participated in while incarcerated represents one of the most rewarding examples of pursuing this challenge.
Upon reporting to the federal prison, I found that it had a community outreach program where white-collar inmates spoke to undergraduate and graduate business programs from the area 's universities. After…

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