The Celebration Of Destruction By Columbus Essay

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Celebration of Destruction
Imagine a holiday celebrating Hitler or Stalin and all of their major accomplishments, such as the purging of those they deemed unworthy. The holiday that comes to mind would be celebrating of leaders of genocide. Columbus Day is not far off from the mark considering he began the destruction nations for the birth of the Americas. Although Columbus was not the only reason for the downfall of the Native Americans, an Explorers Day should be celebrated in the United States in order to minimize the underlying theme of the dehumanization and genocide of a culture, give credit to all who contributed in exploring the Americas and acknowledge the nations that had been thriving for hundreds of years.
Columbus was not the man the history books and he himself made him out to be. He went to what he thought was India with the intention of becoming the aggressive dominant force. In his letters to Spain about the Native Americans Columbus planned to “...powerfully enter [their] country, and [would] make war against [them] in all ways and manners as [he could]” in order to assert himself over the Natives (Ferdinand, 285). Although one might say that Columbus did acknowledge the Natives as a people and warned them not to disobey because he wanted peace, Columbus openly stated that he would start war against these people if they did not agree to become slaves. One might also argue that the death of the people living in the Americas was no one’s fault, that the…

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