Technology Cause And Effect On Society

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Causes of Technology on Society
This generation more addicted to their technology and more than a million people use technology everyday. Looking into the research, up to 63% of adults use it to go online ( "Mobile Technology Fact Sheet.", 2013) and 81% of teens that goes online. ("Teens Fact Sheet.",2012) That’s more than half of the people that uses everyday. When technology is becoming of our daily routine we tend to lose the focus that we lost personal communication. We isolate ourselves from others, become more self-absorbed and depressed, and lose sight of how technology is keeping us from experiencing life. The reason why technology is so time consuming is because of the social media that playing into the devices like Facebook, Twitter,
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If we were to drop it, we’ll panic and try to catch it. When the batteries are done, we get agitated and try our best to keep it fully charged. Roberts states that “men use technology — cell phones in particular — more for entertainment and information,” and he also states that “Women use the phone more for maintaining and nurturing social relationships.” (Kowalski, 2014) Which means that men aren’t as addicted to their cell phones more than a woman does, but they’re both addicted to their technology a different way. Communication is harder on teens and kids as of this generation. The use of technology helps them communicate better than face to face, but sometimes it doesn 't help the kids realize that having someone there right besides you is better than having them on screen or on text. Parents now a days are just so busy with their lives that they don’t rarely pay attention to their kids and just let them go on technology. It’s not okay to just let them on technology all the time, when they grow up they’ll never know the feeling of emotions or the communications of others when it’s face to face and not screen on …show more content…
You can take out your phone and use GPS on it. GPS helps you get to where you want to go. It takes you to different routes that are easy for you to find and it helps you know where you are just in case you need to tell a friend to come hang out. You’ll never get lost ever again. Plus, if the GPS doesn’t work, you can still call a close friend or 911 to help you find your way out. Lastly, they’re useful when you’re busy cooking, cleaning or doing work papers and your kids have nothing to be entertained. They can use the technology to either watch movies, tv, play an educational game and etc. It doesn’t hurt to give your kids some entertainment once a while and let them learn from counting by themselves on the iPod or on the computer. This helps when you need them to behave in the car too. Technology is wonderful to use for searches, homework and etc.. but you don’t need it to communicate with people on it too much to the point you literally don’t know people exist around you. You should put these technology away and explore the world. Get to know who you are while you meet new people and try to be free from the addiction you have on technology. But sometimes, when you are lost and need help and no ones around. You can take that phone out and call a close friend to help you or use your

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