The Causes Of Global Warming

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Everyone has heard of the impending doom of global warming. Over the last decade, most people have verbally expressed that it was a myth. Now, with the extreme transmutations in our climate, people are finally opening their eyes. The elevating temperatures and extreme weather patterns, pose the question, how could this have transpired? Well, let me tell you. Global warming is defined in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as: the elevation in the earth’s atmospheric and marine temperatures generally expected to occur during a surge in the greenhouse effect, resulting exclusively from pollution (Global warming, n.d.). There is said to be many causes of global warming, but the three main sources are energy generation, transportation, and agriculture. The manufacture of electricity is the single leading cause of CO 2 secretions in the United States. Coal provides 57% of the overall energy harnessed to generate power. The burning of coal indisputably creates more CO 2 than natural gas or oil. Roughly 86% of all coal used in the United States, is utilized for electricity generation …show more content…
These three causes are not something we can transmute overnight. Our whole world depends on energy to keep it running, but there are alternative methods and options of renewable energy that can greatly decrease the greenhouse gas emissions. Transportation is one of our greatest inventions, we now need to idealize it even further, to reduce the amount of CO 2 we are pouring into the atmosphere. The nation would most definitely starve without our agriculture, but with just the little vicissitude in the way we go about it, we can relish the climate that we love for even longer. It is now agreed upon that global warming is an irrefutably growing quandary that we need to address. The options are available to us in order to make a more salubrious planet, now it is time to put them to

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