The Causes Of Depression: What Is Depression?

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What is Depression?
Depression is clinically diagnosed as a mood disorder that may cause severe symptoms such as a persistent feeling of sadness or impaired concentration. It may have an affect over a person’s mood, behavior and thoughts, which in turn can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. Major factors that play a role in depression include genetics, neurobiology/chemistry, or life events such as trauma, loss of a loved one, divorce, or any stressful situation. Depressed individuals not only affect themselves but can also have an overall negative effect on their families and their surrounding communities (Medicine Plus, 2016). Depression can also occur alongside other medical illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular
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Women typically experience similar symptoms of sadness, unimportance, and remorse. On the other hand, men are more likely to experience irritability, fatigue, and insomnia. They may also in turn, use drugs and alcohol as a coping method, therefore leading to frustration, anger, and sometimes abuse. “Drowning” themselves into their work is also a technique that men use to avoid talking about their illness with others. Depression is more common among women than men, and although more women attempt suicide, suicide rates are higher among men. Biological, hormonal, psychosocial factors, and lifestyle choices may be linked to their high depression rate in women.
• Before puberty, boys and girls are equally likely to develop the illness. Depression can cause children to feign sickness; refuse to go to school, develop parental attachment, or worry the death of a parent. It may be difficult to tell whether a child is going through a “phase” or has developed this disorder since normal behaviors vary within childhood stages. Notably, most chronic mood disorders usually begin as high levels of anxiety in children and can later lead to other conditions. It is essential that parents are educated and informed about their children’s behaviors, even if everything seems to be
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Isolation stimulates depression, so one of the first steps is to reach out to friends or loved ones. The first step to admitting you have an illness and need help is always the hardest. Depression can make a person feel alone or a burden to others, but by talking to someone about it, a negative feedback loop will be avoided. If one doesn’t talk about the problem, it will become worse and worse. Building new friendships and improving your social network may help build one’s resilience, which in turn supports and speeds up recovery (Mayo Clinic, 2016). Direct and indirect can help a person, whether it be through support groups or by looking at other people’s success stories. Support groups can be found through many professional and service-related organizations. Some health insurance providers may also have listings of hospitals offering support groups for depression (National Institute of Mental Health,

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