The Causes And Symptoms And Treatment Of Diabetes

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Diabetes is a long term disease that occurs when the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin to help sugar break down effectively. Sugars in the blood are turned into glucose when the body is working properly. The glucose travels through the blood stream and turns it into energy. Otherwise, if the pancreas doesn’t regularly produce insulin, that causes the first complications to the body. Furthermore, the irregularity can result in severe problems with every organ carried inside the human body.
Diabetes is a short name for the full term “Diabetes Mellitus”. In 1552 a physician named Hesy-Ra began to pay attention to how many times a person with diabetes would urinate in a specific number of time. With everything he would keep track of, he found
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There is also a type in which a pregnant mother can get diabetes by the child being carried inside. The levels of sugars rise and if it isn 't treated before the baby is born, it is most likely for the baby to be diagnosed with diabetes when it is born.
Diabetics have several types of symptoms that may be caused before being diagnosed. People may suffer excessive thirst, the necessity to urinate frequently, slugginess, fatigue, blurred vision and also tingling or pain in the hands, legs, or feet. In medical examinations, blood test will also show that the person has high sugar levels. Many of the time not everyone’s body will receive the same symptoms. Some people may not even receive any at all, that is why if you are feeling your body different, it is important to consult a doctor about it.
Several effects have been found to be a cause of diabetes. It puts many parts of the body in risk of becoming affected. Every organ such as the eyes, kidneys, heart and blood vessels become affected if not treated. It can create minor and major complications such as foot problems, kidney failure, loss of vision and even heart problems. Diabetes has become the leading cause of new blindness in the United States. Also,the blood sugar levels harm the nerves and usually leads to the loss of sensation. High cholesterol is also a common effect known. Having high cholesterol increases the chances of getting a stroke if it’s not treated in
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Eating low fat foods is recommended to prevent the cholesterol levels to rise excessively. That is why it is also important to have a blood sugar monitor to check up if the things being eaten are being productive and broken into energy correctly. Exercising regularly also plays a big part to help reduce the fatty tissues in the body. There is also Insulin therapy to treat the diabetes and regulate the insulin produced in the pancreas. Once you are trying to treat diabetes, it is necessary to avoid cigarettes and alcohol to reduce future problems. Going to the doctor to get checkups can help by making sure you are carefully treating your body with the proper care. Getting regular check ups can help manage and cure the disease the sooner you start to take control over it. Giving it the time to make sure your health is okay makes it faster for the disease to go away with a healthy diet and body

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