The Causes And Impacts Of Alcohol Consumption In Ireland

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Alcohol consumption is very prevalent in Ireland. The "Healthy Ireland Survey 2015" shows some staggering results from a face to face survey conducted between November 2014 and August 2015. There were 7, 539 Irish citizens interviewed for this survey on different health related topics. Some of the statistics include 76% of the population consume alcohol and 53% of those drinking weekly (Ipsos MRBI [Ipsos], 2015). Men are more likely to consume alcohol than women, 4 out of 10 drinkers binge drink and one fifth of those do so weekly. Interestingly those citizens living in impoverished areas have a lower rate of alcohol consumption; however, those that do, binge drink more often than those living in a higher societal class. The World Health Organization …show more content…
Alcohol often leads to obesity related to the increased caloric intake and cirrhosis of the liver, as well as multiple neuropathies. One of the most alarming statistics out of this publication is that alcohol is related to more than half of all suicides (Department of Health and Social Services [Healthy Ireland], n.d.). Alcohol use and abuse burdens the Irish health and social system resources by 4.2 billion US annually. This includes health care costs, criminal activity and justice, automobile collisions, and loss of work (Healthy Ireland, n.d.).
Addressing the Priority Health Issue Two main objectives have been designed and implemented by the government and the department of public health in Ireland to combat the real public health issue that alcohol has caused. The first is the "Public Health Alcohol Bill" developed by the department of public health and the government of Ireland. The bill was designed to reduce alcohol consumption and its misuse by focusing on some key factors such as: affordability, availability, attractiveness through advertising and marketing, and alcohol manufacturers sponsorship of sporting events. The objectives
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The objectives of this framework is similar to the US "Healthy People 2020". The framework uses measurable objectives in order to research the effectiveness of the implemented plans. The program approaches health from a holistic idea of health, which includes those habits that are not healthy such as alcohol abuse. The objectives of this policy has implemented some of the key factors from the Public Health Alcohol Bill including the minimal pricing and availability. Public health has pushed for many campaigns designed to encourage healthy living ideas for Irish citizens. The idea behind this policy is involving government, public health officials, health care providers, and Irish citizens to incorporate a joint effort to improve the health care of Ireland while utilizing resources available and decreasing unnecessary spending on such things as alcohol related illnesses. Alcohol related illness is debilitating; however, it does not need to be because alcohol dependence is avoidable with the right support measures in place (Healthy Ireland,

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