The Causes And Effects Of The Spanish Civil War Essay

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Spanish Patriotism:
Exploring the Causes and Effects of the Spanish Civil War In the 1900s, Spain encountered various international difficulties which included the commencement of nationalistic and communistic ideological repertoire. The Spanish Civil War started in Morocco when a unit of the Spanish militia commanded by General Francisco Franco, challenged the appointed Republican government. Manuel Azaña, the presiding officer of Spain, did not have lucid commitments with other supporting groups because of failed past attempts to convert Spain into a liberal-based country. Peasants, workers, and labor unions along with numerous Anarchists and Socialists consisted in the creation of the Loyalists, the group that remained allegiant to the government of Spain. On the other hand, landowners, commercial businesses, and the Catholic Church supported the Nationalists, the rebel group that sought to have completely contrasting views of the Spanish government. Essentially, the civil war occurred in Europe during a time of distress that largely influenced the reinforcement system of the two battling sides. Various European countries and the Soviet Union assisted the Loyalists, while Germany and Italy inclined more to the Loyalists ' perception. Both groups did not have equal amount of resources however, the Nationalists were more organized than the Loyalists. Additionally, Germany and Italy provided the rebel group with substantial war materials. The Loyalists perceived various…

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