The Causes And Effects Of Overpopulation Over The World

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“During the first minute of your time reading this, an estimated 255 babies were born. During the same minute, an estimated 107 people died…This is an overage of 147 people, increasing the global population by around 80 MILLION every year” (Chernoff). Now if that piece of information doesn 't surprise you, let me try to explain in a different perspective. Modern man first appeared on earth 200,000 years ago. Reproduction was so successful that by year 1850 we had created 1 billion people. That means that it took 200,000 years to put our first 1 billion people on this planet. Our next billion people came only 100 years after that. And now our world adds a shocking 1 billion people every 12 years. Overpopulation is term we use for the number …show more content…
Unfortunately, overpopulation takes a negative toll on the environment and is effecting our earth greatly. In this essay I will go into depth about the history and growth of our population over the years, how it is currently effecting our planet, and the facts showing weather or not we should be taking any action to this issue. I believe that the world is just not suitable for the worlds population to be increasing at this pace.

First, I would like to discuss about the history and growth of our worlds population over the years. According to the article Human Evolution Research, by the National Museum of

Natural History our earth is 4.55 billion years old. It took 200,000 years to gain our first billion people on this planet. Around the 1900’s there was a total of 1.6 Billion people, and currently there is a total of 7 Billion people. That means that in just 100 years we have quadrupled our population. In this article they wrote,
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With our survival through war, disease, and famine some people may believe that since we survived through other global issue, we will be able to survive overpopulation. But this situation is different in the sense that we are damaging out environment in an irreversible way. According to the “International Business Times” article Facts, figures and consequences of overpopulation, Lydia Smith says “The effects of overpopulation are quite severe. The first of these is the depletion of natural resources. The Earth can only produce a limited amount of water, food, and fuel, which is falling short of the current needs. Most of the environmental damage being seen in the last fifty odd years is because of the growing number of people on the planet.” It

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