The Causes And Effects Of Homelessness Among Children

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Homelessness is a serious issue that affects everyone; however, children are the most vulnerable. Children are unable to defend themselves and express their concerns regarding their feeling about being homeless. Being homeless deprives children of a safe and stable environment. Homelessness could be detrimental for a child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.
In the United States of America more than 1 million children are homeless and more than 95 million of people are homeless worldwide of which 11% are children according to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights; Homeless World Cup Organization 2005. Homelessness among children had increase by more than 25% in the past 6 years in the USA due to the recession, which was one of the causes for the increased in homelessness. Since 1999 after the World Trade Center incident the lack of resources, job loss, and high cost of living has also contributed to the increasing of these numbers not only in the United State but around the world. In the United States cities such as New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and California are some of the cities with the highest cost of living and the highest homeless population. There are other causes that lead to homelessness, such as mental and medical health issues. Most of the homeless population has been diagnosed with some type of
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Some others effect of homelessness among children of the behaviors homeless in children as well as in their parents are: bullying, aggression, low self-esteem, withdraw, anxiety, depression, and milestone developmental issues. These behaviors are often misinterpreted by the parents as a normal child stage of child development, due to that these parents don’t have the right information on normal child behaviors and develop according to the child’s age. Also because the same symptoms that the children present are also present by the parents as

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