Human Influence On Climate Change

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Climate change is perhaps one of the biggest concerns of our generation. Without action, the changing climate on earth could turn the world as we know it upside down. Climate change refers to a difference in the average weather patterns either regionally or globally over a specific period of time. There is not much refute that Earth’s climate is growing warmer. However, there is great controversy over the cause of climate change. Are the changes in temperature just a natural swing or does the problem stem from the irresponsible interactions of human beings with our environment? In my mind, the changing climate is undoubtedly caused by human activities. Fossil fuel burning, mining, deforestation, fertilizing, and landfills are only a few human influences on climate change. These human activities result in the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, these gasses then trap heat in the atmosphere that should reflect off of the earth back into space. This …show more content…
From the year 0 to 2005 this group recorded the changes in the main gasses causing climate change and found that methane has increased around 1200 parts per billion, carbon dioxide levels escalated around 100 parts per million, and nitrous oxide increased about 55 parts per billion. The period of dramatic increasing greenhouse gasses in the 1970’s coincides with an overall warming trend in climate without any known major changes in the natural world such as substantial volcano eruptions or changes in solar patterns. The paper written by the IPCC is one of the most widely accepted views on climate change because it is composed by a collaboration of many renowned climate experts worldwide and reviewed by UN governments before

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