The Causes And Effects Of Childhood Obesity In Fast Food

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As childhood obesity increases and parents continue to spend money at fast food restaurants to satisfy the needs of their large children, the fast food restaurants will grow to be enormous and take over the entire food industry. Fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s, could and may have already become the primary choice for going out to eat over a traditional restaurant due to the quicker readiness of the meal. This both drives healthier restaurants, that take time to prepare their courses, out of business and promotes quicker, less healthy alternatives.The differences in the costs of various food types, (fast food cheaper and fruits and vegetables more expensive), family structure (dual parenting), and the access,availability, and reliance …show more content…
Non-working mothers spend a considerable amount of time actually cooking meals and eating with their children, as opposed to working mothers who don’t have the time. Working mothers simply resort to prepared foods. The relationship between maternal employment and childhood obesity for children whose mothers were full time employed at the age of seven has been addressed in more than one research. Since in most cases across the US both parents in the family are working on a day to day basis, already prepared foods are bound to be the result of less time spent cooking prepared foods in the kitchen. This small act actually has a drastic impact on the correlation with an increased risk of childhood obesity in the …show more content…
Maybe it’s the simple explanation of price differences, where you can get the bang for your buck opposed to more expensive healthier foods. Or maybe you could blame it on the number of dual parenting causing in many occurrences reliance on already processed food for their children’s lunch the next day at school. Then again, it could be because the common convenience of living right down the street to a McDonalds. Either way, these fast foods are becoming the easiest option for many families, which in turn leads to the epidemic of childhood

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