The Causes And Consequences Of Ptsd Essay

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The cause and consequences of PTSD in prisoners The Nation Survey of American life has said that Americans who spend time in prison are two times as likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Criminals will claim they are experiencing some kind of mental health disorder but maybe they had a disorder before getting locked up. I do not think society should feel bad because a prisoner is experiencing PTSD, to me that is just a consequence to the chain of events they started. There are many things that occur during life and some of those events could lead someone to suffer the effects of PTSD. A person could have grown up in a violent home setting, suffered substance abuse, been raped or witnessed a traumatic experience. PTSD could be brought on after someone has been incarcerated because prison is not walk in the park. A prisoner that is being locked up will have every decision made for him or her. They are told when to go to bed and when to wake, what they are allowed to wear, what kind of food to eat and how much they can have and when to shower. They lose their freedom to make choices, family, and any luxuries they had, which would be a traumatic stressor when you first get to prison. After getting use to the normal stressors of the first few days, they will experience the worst of what prison really has to offer. Since you are incarcerated with the same sex you are, you can pretty much guarantee they will be someone’s girlfriends and get raped. If they are…

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