The Causes And Consequences Of Global Warming

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Everyone has heard about the increasingly warming weather, but not many people have thought about the long term repercussions it will bring. The air quality is poor, the food chain is falling apart, and the economy is plummeting. With all of these impactful notions, humans have the capability of fixing all the consequences that global warming has brought, but instead many people live their lives oblivious to the danger that global warming brings. Global warming is a rapidly growing phenomenon as humans contribute to the growing problems of species going extinct, the economical shift due to higher demands for products, and the humans not coming to the realization of how much they must change their daily lives in order to prevent …show more content…
According to Thomas Gale Moore, an economist at Stanford University’s, is the author of Climate of fear: Why We Shouldn’t Worry about Global Warming, "Warmer weather means a longer growing season, and thus greater output. It would also result in greater rainfall, providing much-needed water for plants. The risk of crop failures would decrease with shorter, milder winters” (Moore, 1998). This will provide farmers a growing season with warmer weather, therefore giving them extended periods to grow and sell their crops which will benefit the economy. Global warming effects the economy also in a negative way as "climate change will affect the basic elements of life for people around the world like access to water, food production, health, and the environment," the Stern Review states. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC climate change 2001), did a study to find out that the dangers of climate change would be equal to at least five percent of Gross Domestic Product, each year. Even though global warming has both positive and negative effects on the world, it is our job to keep the earth alive and

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