Global Warming And Greenhouse Effect

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Global warming has been a sensitive subject since it had first shown evidence of destruction on Earth’s surface. For years now, the public has been keeping a watchful eye on our environment and the daily activities that contribute to it. Many people of the public support the idea that actions need to be made to prevent global warming from reaching the ultimate extreme. On the other hand, many others believe it is too late and that we have passed the point of no return. One point that is not denied by any group is that the human race is accelerating the process with daily activities and daily consumption of resources. Global warming is the result of many combinations of natural and man-made emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This process is similar to that of the Greenhouse effect, but on a more terrifying scale. The Greenhouse effect is Earths way of taking the radiation from the sun’s heat and heating up the surface. This process is due to the collection of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere that absorb the radiation and keep an amount of heat from escaping. This alone is natural and provides warmth to the Earth. However, when it comes to global warming the collection of greenhouse gases is heavily dense, which doesn’t allow much heat to escape the atmosphere causing the temperature of Earth’s surface to rise above the …show more content…
It was estimated that human activity alone creates carbon dioxide by billions of metric tons that is released into the atmosphere. These activities range from burning fossil fuels to our use of industrial plants. Other sources such as cars and other means of transportation make up for about 14% of the carbon emissions we create daily. The impact we have on Earth doesn’t stop there. Deforestation is another human activity that is raising the carbon emissions in the

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