The Causes And Blame Of World War I Essay

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The Causes and Blame of World War One
The First World War has always been considered one of the landmark event in the history of the modern world and many historians trace the roots of 20th century violence to the fall out caused by the First World War. The tremendous impact of the First World War on 20th century events, has often led scholars to investigate and try to identify the one power that eventually caused the war. However, the outcomes of such studies have been far from conclusive and have given rise to numerous extensive yet highly paradoxical theories.
According to the 1919 Treaty of Versailles and the 'War-Guilt ' Clause within it, all responsibility of the Great War was placed on Germany and no other country was considered responsible in any way. It was believed that Germany triggered the war by encouraging Austria to attack Serbia and the clause, therefore, asked Germany to accept full responsibility for the damages of the war. However, this theory lost its credibility over time and most historians declared that the war guilt clause was nothing more than an Allied attempt at humiliating Germany. This became widely accepted until the Fischer controversy. In 1961, 43 years after the end of the war, a German scholar named Fritz Fischer reopened the war guilt debate by publishing "Griff Nach Der Weltmacht", in which he exposed Kaiser Wilhelm II and other German politicians as solicitors of a European war as a means for Germany to gain more power in continental…

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