The First World War: The Great War

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WWI was the war to end all wars; it is referred by many as the “Great War”. Just what about this war was so great? The changes that happened during the war nearly put an end to all of Europe. It was the aftermath of the war that truly had the largest effect on the world. Five sentences is one paragraph
Perhaps one of the most vital parts of information to the start of World War was the large amount of treaties. These treaties meant that if one country was attacked, the countries that the treaties were made with were bound to defend them (Kelly). When the war started, the whole continent of Europe was immediately involved in the war because of the large web of treaties.
The different reasons for the start World War I are still in dispute. The start of the war largely had to do with growing tensions and countries practiced militarism;
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There was a dramatic increase in employment 1.4% during the war. This is a nation high but as the saying goes, there is a fall to every rise. When the war ended, there was no longer a need for such a large work force, so production came to a rapid halt. Companies no longer had a large demand to equip the soldiers. Due to this, “America 's economy took a turn for the worse in October 1929 when the stock market crashed. This caused The Great Depression: a time of slow business, high unemployment, low prices, and low wages. As 85,000 businesses failed, unemployment shot up from 3.2% in 1929 to 23.6% in 1932. Banks were forced to close as they had loaned money to European and American businesses and didn 't have enough money to honor the deposits.” (The Aftermath of WWI Leading to the Great Depression) America quickly went from being the largest and most powerful force on the planet to a country of the equivalence of the Middle Eastern countries. At this point in time the world was in complete debt. Still, one hundred years later and the world is still seeing the effects of this

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