Childhood Obesity: A Global Epidemic

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“Childhood obesity is now being rightly referred to as a global epidemic and WHO estimates that by 2015, approximately 2.3 billion adults will be overweight and more than 700 million children and adolescents will be obese.” (Industrial Psychiatry Journal) In today’s date in age Obesity has come to an all time high. Not only in adults but also in children and adolescents. This is an issue because having obesity at such a young age makes it more difficult to overcome as they get older not to mention the severe health factors that go along with being obese. There are things parents can do to help prevent this such as nutritional meals and snacks, regular physical activity, educating themselves as well as their children on the value of eating …show more content…
They have found that children with bronchial asthma that had used an inhaler that entailed steroids may have been a contributing factor to obesity. Industrial Psychiatry Journal states, “Pediatric obesity is not a risk factor for childhood-onset asthma but many children who suffer from asthma have pediatric obesity.” (58) They have also found that children with obesity have a lot of sleep problems. They have shorter sleep durations than most children their ages as well as some suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. They are thinking that the lack of sleep may also be a contributing factor to the cognitive impairment they are seeing in obese children. Lack of sleep can also affect their hormones and leptin which can increase weight gain. Infections at a young age that were treated with steroids in infancy and toddlerhood can cause endocrine or metabolic pathways that can end up causing childhood obesity. Scientist believe that nutrition and physical activity is the biggest factor in childhood obesity. Depending on their lifestyle and diet can make all the difference. Nowadays parents tend to let their children sit inside and play video games and snack on junk food rather than play outside and have a nutritional …show more content…
In the article Psychological issues in pediatric obesity by the Industrial Psychiatry Journal they talk about children with obesity and how a lot of them develop depression as well as anxiety. “It is well known that children with obesity face an enormous amount of psychological stress. Anxiety as a symptom as well as disorder has been reported in this population.” (48) Children with obesity face ridicule, judgement, bullying, and a lot more just because of their weight. With this children become obsessed with their weight and will weigh themselves multiple times throughout the day. This leads to crash dieting which mostly then ends in over eating even more. On the other side of things there is depression which does not always show in sadness. For children with obesity a lot of times depression can come out in guilt over the foods they consumed, low self-esteem and poor self worth. Anger is another way that the child 's depression may show according to the Industrial Psychiatry Journal sometimes the obese child is the bully and not the victim. There has also been cognitive impairments found in children with obesity. They are finding the children are scoring lower than normal on performance tests and their IQ test scores are 3-10 points lower than the normal population all in the same age range. Childhood obesity usually extends to later in their lives as well. Since 1940 authors have

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