Obesity, Depression, And Depression Essay

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Kayla Bilderback
Psychology Research Paper
Obesity and Depression in Adolescents Mental and physical health is important to a happy healthy life. With rates of obesity soaring worldwide and depression becoming more evident it is undeniable that there is a problem, not only in adults but also in children. There has been little information about childhood obesity but, in recent years, more studies are being done to find out what the effects are of being extremely overweight at a young age and to see if there is a possible connection or correlation with depression.
Obesity is a serious health concern as a whole but is especially harmful for the world’s children. Childhood obesity is a fairly new concept; obesity was never thought of as a childhood disease, it was only thought of as something older adults could be diagnosed with. Over the past few decades, the rate of childhood obesity has risen over 12% and in the United States an estimated third of children aged 6-11 are overweight with more than half of those children also in the category of being obese (Reeves par.1; Stassen Berger 245 ). In order to be classified as obese, a child is put into a percentile and is compared to a BMI-for-age growth curve, if the child is over the 95th percentile they are considered overweight. There are many complex factors that contribute to obesity. A few factors include: genetics; there are over 200 genes that influence activity levels, metabolism, body type and food preferences, family;…

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