World War II: Cause And Effect

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Cause and Effect- “World War II”
Every action in life, brings a consequence or effect. Throughout history, many examples of how different ideas, points of view can escalate into a conflict that may cause the lives of innocents. World War II is an example in where a main point, changed the lives of many and created a bloodshed and massacre not seen before in the history of humanity.
World War II marked a time of violence in the history of our humanity. Even today, it is considered one of the most significant events, simply because it changed the development of our society and rearranged the ideas and visions of many socio-political relations. Many think of World War II as a tragedy involving one main cause, in this case known as Hitler’s aggressive
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Hitler’s foreign policy of aggression had many different effects that affected aspects in society one way or another. For example: Germany was totally defeated, and the Nazi regime was brought down. Many of the leaders of the cruel movements and activities were tried for the crimes against humanity, except for Hitler, the head of all the movements involving Germany, who committed suicide in Berlin at the end of the war. Looking into other countries, Japan ended in ruins from all the bombing and was temporarily placed under U.S. military rule. France had to dismantle its colonial empire in the following years, and just like many other countries, needed time to recover from all the deaths. England was one of the countries that suffered with many loses and was devastated by all the ruins that surrounded what once was a golden country. Russia, especially the Western part, was devastated, mainly because all that Hitler wanted was to expand Germany towards the east side, to take some land away from already expanded countries. Although it had at some point a good impact because by trying to maintain Russia away from Hitler, the Russians built themselves a powerful army, which soon converted them into one of the most powerful nations along United States. In the United States, World War II didn’t had a physical impact or destruction, so the U.S. economy dominated the world, the Americans …show more content…
For those who saw the war mostly as a local event and as a process in where it only concerned direct participants, have changed their mentality since now a war requires you to choose from multiple sides, and is not a local event anymore, it may concern the whole world. In the 1940’s the United Nations was established, it had the full support and leadership of the United States, the Soviet Union and other countries around the world that wanted nothing else than to do avoid another repetition of World War II. Today, it seems like the ideas have changed, even if many nations are still trying to promote peace avoiding death and blood, others don’t seem to appreciate this, and see nuclear arms as the weapon of choice feeling the power of having such a deathly arm in their hands.
In the end, Hitler’s aggressive foreign policy was the main cause of World War II. It is in the past that is true, and for many it is just a horrible memory which will hunt the lives of those who witnessed. The war not only marked a point of weakness in the history of the world, it also taught everybody, that as long as there are different set of minds and people with other points of view, there will always be conflicts, and these conflicts can escalate and turn into a massacre like World War

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