The Cause And Effect Of Racism Essay

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In American Can We Get Pass the Cause and Effect of Racism
Even though, racism is one of the major world issues today. Some individuals may say racism come from ignorance the condition of being uneducated, unaware or uniformed. A lot of attitude is shaped when individuals are young, they believe that it is natural to spend time with people that have the same interest and background culture like theirs. They judge people from different racial background, by the way look, act, and the by clothes they wear, also individuals are targeted by the music they listen to, and how smart they are. One main factor is, frustration individual feels angry or frustrated, and often look for someone else to blame. In many way individuals are racist toward each other. When an individual feels threatened when the thing they cherish, such as culture, territory, family and identity is in danger of being harmed, they become prejudice toward others, forming unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, regarding an ethnic, racial, social, or religious groups. Whether racism is in school, employment, communities or religion, we need to look toward a solution to resolving this issue. In America, what are some causes of racism?
First, the causes of racism in America begin with frustrations it tends to increase aggression toward another. If an individual is having some problem, they tend to get angry with people who are not even concerned with their situation. For instance, when a person is having a…

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