The Catastrophic Effect Of Global Warming Essay

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The world will melt its way into an apocalyptic world, oceans will flood places, people will die of the heat, starvation will take place. How will the human race prevent this from happening? In order to stop global warming scientists must find ideas, and look at what is causing this?
Global Warming occurs when a vast quantity of C02 along with other pollutants gets into the atmosphere and absorbs light as well as solar radiation, which has bounced off the surface of the Earth for centuries in the atmosphere (Espanol). In order to try to help in the reduction of the catastrophic effect of Global Warming, we must think of who is the main C02 polluter that we have, China has been the biggest country releasing vast amounts of C02 emissions into the atmosphere (China). Furthermore, China emitted the most greenhouse emissions since the year 2006. It has pledged a lot of ways to reduce the amounts it is going to emit by 40%-45% in the year 2020. Therefore, China has also claimed that it will increase the use of non-fossil fuel energy like solar power, wind power, and hydroelectric power by 20%, they would also reduce the amount of carbon that the emits by 60-65% in the year 2030 (climate)
Global Warming has an impact on China due to the emissions of C02 which is causing deleterious consequences. In the Northwest of China, it has seen a 0.7°c increase in the annual temperature since in the year 1961 and so on. In other places in China, there is a 22%-33% increase in the…

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