The Case Study Of The Company Essay

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The case study that we were required to read was very interesting as it dates back to the early 1900’s. This means we were able to see the culture of the company and how it progressed over a century of time! I’d like, for a second, to take the abstract thought of how this company held on to its beliefs and values even through all the changes and advancements we’ve have in our culture with people’s rights and the change of the cultural norm. Analyzing the case study you are quickly led to believe the company is a very innovative company as the founder was also an inventor. With the implementation of the committee also known as the “Advisory Board” the company had a very fluid flow of information from all employees. This would suggest that the company had a very flat-based management style where all employees’ ideas were respected. Later we find out that this is true as it is mentioned that the ability to go and ask the person who would be most knowledgeable on the question at hand was the best for answering it. This kind of access promotes a very innovative and open environment.
Reading further you can determine that the company is focused on two major factors. Providing the best and cheapest for the customer and providing the most and best for its workers. This idea is supported by the bonuses that Lincoln would give its employees annually based on performance and quality of work. Lincoln wanted to always focus more on what would make the product better, cheaper, and more…

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