The Case Of Plyer V. Doe Essay

1648 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 null Page
“They say you can accomplish whatever you want or set your mind to, but they don’t say that it’s just for some.” (We are Americans Pg. 39). For a lot of years the United States of America has been a home and the land of opportunity for many. The land where everyone can achieve their dreams. But, just like the quote says, it’s not for everyone. There are about eleven million of undocumented people living in this country. Out of all those people, according to The Pew Hispanic Center, 1.5 million are students. And, obviously this number could be increasing. Education, is something everyone is entitled to because it has a great outcome, more opportunities and of course, more money for this country. Thanks to the Supreme Court decision of the case of Plyer v. Doe in 1982, for an illegal kid here in this country, they have the right to a free education but once they are graduates of high school, they are on their own. I think it great that kids get the right to an education, but why get a free education when in the long run they will get denied admission to colleges? Although, an illegal valedictorian has worked so hard, their options to higher education are limited due to their undocumented status.
A lot of Americas have a very harsh opinion about illegal immigrants. Their first though is that they are exploiting the U.S economy. Well, according to the Huffington Post there are five myths Americans think of the immigrants. The first is that undocumented immigrants do not pay…

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