Essay about The Case Of Max Brooks ' World War Z

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When disaster strikes, regardless of the causation, it falls on the federal government to formulate a means by which to achieve a level of safety for its citizens. In such cases as federal outbreak, different nations may have different means by which to approach said crisis. Both World War I and World War II can a point of reference in the diverging methods they employed in their original strategy to attempting to ensure victory and safety for themselves and their respective allies. In the case of Max Brooks’ World War Z, the faux accounts of the collective of the world’s governments attempting to subdue a zombie outbreak, different nations employ methods to both protect their citizens and repress, if not entirely eliminate, the growing threat. By utilizing different degrees of quarantine and anti-insurgency countermeasures, the countries of the world combat the epidemic. Although originally wavering in their success, through trail and error, the governments prove most victorious in their efforts.
Despite the impending danger that is clearly eminent in the nations, the original method used by United States in dealing with the outbreak is to ignore it almost entirely. While other nations take more extraneous measures in order to ensure their own security, little to nothing is carried out by America to do the same. The nation government initially severely underestimates the plague, leading to the ultimate scramble that ensues in later segments of the events of the book.…

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