The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down Addresses Experiences And Decisions

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Fadiman’s The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down addresses experiences and decisions we may all relate to in some degree through the narrative of a journalist. It offers a different perspective and insightfulness that has been used as an acceptable resource on teaching cultural competence. As a passive reader, our understanding of cultural competence has grown more humanistic, because we feel the healthcare provider’s frustration and their concerns becoming more salient, while we see how a breakdown in communication, can have heartbreaking results as felt by the Lees. I think the book’s by-product is a lesson in cultural competence that can educate health care, but it is also a story that is much more dynamic as it reflects upon the sociopolitical struggle of the Hmong Chinese, xenophobia, and reminds us of a dark period of time in American history, the Vietnam War. This story, sadly, highlights the struggle of refugees, their decision to assimilate or not, which is unfortunately still relevant to this day. At some points in the book, I immediately made connections between the Hmong Chinese and the current crisis of Syrian refugees of today. This story has nonetheless been a riveting account of the life of Lia Lee and her family struggling to understand their daughter’s epilepsy through Western medicine, and the compassionate, but overtaxed providers of her care, which give us an honest glimpse into the medical world. From both sides, we witness humanity in its entirety -…

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