Essay on The Case Of Human Perfection

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Everything Wrong With Perfection
The case of human perfection. With technology advancements in this day and age, being able to alter the genes of humans to create perfect people is not so far away. In fact, scientists have already begun to work on this experiment and it is said to be coming about smoothly, according to the internet, and in the near future, we will be able to pay for the genetically perfect race. Although this seems to be a good idea, not having to worry about failure, health issues, and other things that bring paranormal states to the average human, there are some arguments against such a perfect world. Most people will stand by the experiment for human perfection because it brings better change to mankind. What this means is that, people who are genetically perfect are going to live longer, they are going to be more intelligent, they will have the ability to do more than the average human physically, mentally, and open up more emotionally. This will make them pure in a sense, thus they will be looked upon highly by the rest of society. But what about the others? The people who can not afford to make their children genetically pure and pass it down throughout their families? Or what about the families that find it better to go about life in a natural way? What happens to these children? The people that oppose the idea of the humans being genetically made perfect will ask questions like such. I am one of those people. We believe that allowing a parent to pick…

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