The Case Of Elmer Chavarria Illegally Entered The Us From Guatemala

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Elmer Chavarria illegally entered the US from Guatemala almost 20 years in hopes of escaping the violence in his hometown. In 2007 he married a US citizen, Cyndi, and together had a daughter. Unexpectedly, Elmer was assaulted and injured by police during a routine call in his Grand Rapids, Michigan home. After his release Elmer was advised to pursue immediate surgery for two herniated disks pinching his spinal cord which caused him severe back pain and numbness on his lower body. Before his surgery, U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement intervened and placed him at the Calhoun County Correction Center despite his medical condition. Elmer now, “risks permanent nerve damage, chronic pain, and disability” but despite knowing this information ICE has denied him prescribed medication and access to a neurosurgeon. Through their work, the Not1More Organization and Cyndi hope that ICE will grant Elmer a humanitarian parole to receive the medical assistance he urgently needs. The Not1More Organization branched off as a project from the National Day Laborer Organization Network becoming its own campaign in 2015. They identify as, “individuals, organizations, artists, and allies working to expose, confront, and overcome unjust immigration laws.” Their mission is to exploit the injustices behind immigration by becoming the voice for communities of people. Although their establishment is recent, they aim towards, “… challenging unfair deportation and unjust polity through organizing…

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