The Case Of Clayton Johnson Essay

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Clayton Johnson was 56 years old when he was convicted in 1993 for the murder of his wife Janice Johnson, who died on February 20th, 1989. Clayton was a carpenter, high school industrial arts teacher, church volunteer, and father of two.
Clayton had already been heading out to work when Janice died. That morning Janice had fallen down the stairs, hit her head and been knocked unconscious, and by the time her body was discovered and rushed to hospital it had already been too late. She had been found by a neighbour, Robert Molloy, at the bottom of the basement stairs. Initially the police agreed with the doctor who performed the autopsy in that her death was purely an accident. However, a new investigation began into her death in the summer of 1989, when rumours started to spread that Clayton had murdered her. This rumour certainly wasn’t helped by the fact that Clayton, months after his wife died, began dating 22-year-old Tina Weybret. Clayton also had taken out Janice’s life insurance policy, granting him around $145,000. He had gotten the policy only months before her death. Despite these aggravating factors the investigation was abandoned a year later as there was still no proof that he had anything to do with her death.
For one police officer however, not enough work was done into the case. Even though the investigation was officially over, RCMP officer Brian Oldford looked into the matter by himself. He interviewed two friends of the Johnson family, Mary Davis and…

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