The Case Against Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

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We live in a world in which medicine continues to evolve leading to an increase in average lifespan, so why would anyone want to cut their time short? Physician assisted suicide (PAS) is a fairly new concept in medicine, it “Occurs when a physician facilitates a patient’s death by providing the necessary means and/or information to enable the patient to perform the life ending act” (Physician Assisted Suicide, 1995). Due to the nature of the act, there have been major ethical and social issues surrounding PAS. Many believe that it goes against certain religious beliefs and medical ethics while others note that people diagnosed with terminal diseases should have the right to choose between life and death. Nonetheless, PAS can be a positive outcome for a patient whose suffering has become unbearable.
The Case Against Physician Assisted Suicide Most terminal illnesses cause a great deal of excruciating pain resulting in a decreased quality of life, therefore an argument against PAS is that there are measures available to control pain and improve the patients quality of life. For example, pain management specialists evaluate, diagnose and treat pain in an outpatient setting. Hospice care is another option, they who focus on providing comfort and quality care for the patient by treating the symptoms of pain with round-the-clock management. Lastly, palliative sedation is a method used to sedate patients to an unconscious state to relieve unbearable pain. Regardless of any…

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