The Case Against Breast- Feeding Essay

774 Words Jul 15th, 2016 4 Pages
“Everybody Calm Down About Breastfeeding”, “The Case Against Breast- Feeding” and “Overselling Breast- Feeding” are three article titles from the initial page of links that pop up on a Google search for the term breastfeeding. The question of whether or not to choose this option of infant nurture arouses strong sentiment. Why should such an essential and harmless exercise cause such reaction? As a mother of three sons who has journeyed down this road I have a few thoughts on the subject. Until the advent of a sufficient substitute becoming widely accepted and promoted in the 20th century women had little alternative. With the endorsement of the highly esteemed medical profession and the promotional marketing of formula and bottle makers, manufacturers ushered in a new and economically feasible trend, that would eventually dwarf the number of children who were breastfeed. Attitudes toward breastfeeding and societal pressures obviously contributed to the willingness of mothers to adopted a replacement of the traditional and natural evolutionary function of nourishing their offspring. In today’s world we are not at a loss for material or studies to inform us on many topics, breastfeeding is no exception. The medical community has done an about face and is now advocating the practice as well as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It has become obvious that breast milk and the interaction between mother and infant provide benefits that formula feeding does…

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