The Career And Work Of A Sound Designer Essay

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The career and work of a sound designer I chose to investigate was Wylie Stateman. An accomplished talent that has co-founded a post-production company and sound designed within the various visual media throughout his career. As an sound designer , he is well known for working with Oliver Stone and Quentin Tarantino, prominent directors in the film industry. Having worked extensively with Tarantino, Stateman is well known for sound editing the majority of Tarantino 's acclaimed films such the Kill Bill trilogy, Inglorious Basterds, and Django Unchained. Wylie Stateman initial brush with sound design came about when he was given the chance to work in the rental department of J&R Film Company. Before that he lived in Long Island, New York in a small working class community. After high school graduation, Wylie left for an adventure in California. As luck would have it, his friends family that manufactured editing products took him in and gave him a job. This experience introduced Wylie Stateman to filmmaking, studios and post-production. Although, Stateman did not have any formal education in sound. He would make and archive recordings since he was five years old so it was obvious that sound was a passion of his. “The very first toy that I can remember in my childhood that I truly fell in love with was a tape recorder,” Stateman says. “When I think of the most valuable toys I”ve had they”re all capable of recording sound.” Stateman was introduced to the world of feature films…

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