The Care Of Cancer Is Complex Essay examples

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The care of cancer is complex. In addition to treatments and consultations, providers must work succinctly on care coordination beyond oncology treatment and assist the patient and their family to mainstream back to primary care. Nevertheless, work toward continuity of care is actively engaging; the lack of utilizing the same tools to assess the patient in survivorship is absent (Snowden et al., 2011). A primary provider may often rely on the patient self-report rather than evaluating the patient based on the same criteria as the oncology unit while the patient is undergoing treatment (Breen & O’Connor, 2013; Clover et al., 2015; Hawley et al., 2010). There are multi-tiered issues; (a) cancer survivors are living longer after treatment and the expectation of improvements in the quality of life after treatment, (b) identification of hidden distresses of survivorship, (c) reliability of a screening instrument, and (d) continuity of care and screenings upon return to primary care. Length of time of survivorship. A cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment to recovery creates physical and psychosocial issues for the patient and family unit. The gap in continuity of care is a critical element to ensure health and well-being for cancer survivors and their family unit. More patients are cancer survivors and the survivorship is increasing for some cancers exponentially, widening the critical element gap. Anniversaries of cancer diagnosis, treatment termination, and meeting life…

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