The Cardiovascular System Of The Body Essay example

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An individual runs a race and finishes first. That individual is breathing harshly and if one could see internally, the heart is pumping blood rapidly as well. This is known as the Cardiovascular System. It contains not only the heart, but also the blood vessels, blood and much more which will be further explained in greater detail. The venous system takes blood back to the heart. It flows from the capillaries to the veins. The biggest vein in the body is the inferior vena cava. The superior cava carries blood from the upper part of the body to the heart, however the inferior cava carries blood from the lower part. Venous blood is very dark and both cavas ends in the right atrium. The main job of this system is to transport materials within the arteries and back from the veins. This system is known to work side by side with the Lymphatic System. In order to further understand the Cardiovascular System, these three questions must addressed:

What is the Cardiovascular System composed of?

What does the Cardiovascular System do?

What are Cardiovascular Diseases?

After discussing this system, hopefully some individuals understand how important it is to the human body and the depth it actually represents to life. [main idea/thesis of sorts] The Cardiovascular System is an essential part of how the humans can function regularly throughout the ages.

What is the Cardiovascular System composed of?

When an individual is asked about the Cardiovascular System, the first…

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