The Cardiovascular And The Lymphatic Systems Essay

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1. Albumin is an important factor in determining the osmotic pressure of the blood. Therefore, an increase in blood albumin would increase the osmotic pressure of the blood and, since water always moves toward the greater osmotic pressure, and cause water to move out of the tissues into the blood.

2. When athletes train at high altitude they are taking in air with less oxygen per volume. These oxygen levels are not high enough to provide the muscles with the necessary energy so to compensate the body releases the hormone erythropoietin, which stimulates red blood cell production. When the athletes head to competition at lower altitudes the take advantage of this increased ability to absorb oxygen, improving performance.

3. During agglutination the antibodies in the recipient’s plasma interact with the antigens on the surface of the donor red blood cells. This reaction leads to the clumping of red blood cells.

4. The human body has two circulatory systems: the cardiovascular and the lymphatic systems. Both systems aid in the circulation of body fluids, blood in the cardiovascular system and lymph in the lymphatic system. There are, however, many differences. While both systems are a network of vessels the circulatory system has a pump, the heart, but the lymphatic system lacks a pump. The cardiovascular system is a closed system, while the lymphatic system is open. Finally, the cardiovascular system is responsible for the transport and distribution of oxygen, hormones,…

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