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Before all of life and creation, there was nothing. The universe wasn’t expanding because there was nothing there. The whole plane of our existence was not there. The universe itself was only but a few miles by a few miles of nothing. There was no dust; there was no organic tissue, there was nothing. A cataclysmic event happened, the universe and all universes shifted. There was a mighty crack in which particles from all universes came together. Our miniscule universe had its first substance.

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Soon the tainted particles started to create compounds that pulled and pushed each other. They fought and soon magnificent explosions took our universe. The dark of space was alight with burning fires of nuclear power. And once The Great Carbon Essence calmed the tainted elements, the universe started to settle.

The Great Collision, as it has been called, had ended, and in its wake the universe had light. Destructive masses of power and light had survived, and gave off heat to warm the once cold dark universe.

Others had survived also. Large chunks of debris from heated dust collided with each other forming larger and larger entities. The Great Carbon Essence saw a great future and persuaded the tainted elements to work together. Elements came to make large debris masses and bright warm stars.

A solar system had been created, and a world formed. The Great Carbon Essence used the tainted elements to make life, life to thrive. The life was a marvel, but a failure. The creatures created couldn’t think, couldn’t rationalize. They soon consumed the world built for them and started to look elsewhere. They had no ambition to help others and showed no compassion, or sympathy. \

The Great Carbon Essence decided there had been a mistake. The gift of life could not be left in the hands of tainted elements. Life is delicate and needs special treatment.

The Great Carbon Essence ordered the world destroyed. The beings that were
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