The Canon Of The New Testament Essay

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During the early church there were many controversies on how to determine the canon of the New Testament. How did some books make the “cut” to be determined to be put in the infallible, inherent Word of God? Why did the church accept some books and rejected the others. There were key events and movements that were influential in the recognition of the canonical books of the New Testament. The foundation of the Canon should be understood in a believer’s life. It is sad to say, but, there are many Christians that are avid readers and knows the scriptures probably could not explain how the canon came into existence.
What is the meaning of the canon? “The term canon in Christianity refers to a group of books acknowledged by the early church as the rule of faith and practice. Deriving from the Greek Kanon, which designated a carpenter’s rule, the word has been used to identify those books considered to be spiritually superlative, by which all others were measured and found to be of secondary value in general church use.” These books along with the Old Testament books is what a Christian faith is made up on. There were many factors to determine what books are to be become part of the canon. “However, some offer the following three tests for a book to be considered part of the canon: (1) apostolicity, (2) rule of faith, and (3) consensus. Apostolicity means that a book must be written by an apostle or one connected to an apostle. Rule of faith refers to the conformity…

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