The Canadian Life Insurance Company Essay

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Main Problems
The Canadian life insurance company, called Integra, partnered with Intex, an international information system (IS) integration firm. Their goal is to develop a Banking and Loan Insurance Software System (BLISS) as an effort to increase their loan business operations. However, the project is put to a hold after a year of development due to the major problems. The company assigned a task group to investigate and figure out why the Credit Unions does not want to implement their system even though it is free of charge (Roy & Aubert, 2003). The problems below implies that the issues are more related to implementation rather than technical (Reed, 2006).
a) Complexity to integrate the banking systems
The Canadian market is challenging to penetrate because they are locally integrated and its diverse aspect. This is evident in the province of Quebec in which the Credit Unions are closely linked with the large federations and utilize central banking systems. As a result, this poses a major problem with Integra to integrate the banking systems to its loan insurance systems.
b) Lack of Marketing Research by Integra
The lack of marketing research carried out by Integra to determine if their product is desirable and viable for their potential end-users in Canada, proves to have a major effect on the failure of the project. There is not enough input on their prototype system because of the less participation of the banking institutes. Additionally, the cost for…

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