The Canadian Health Care System Essay examples

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Without a government program that provides medical care for citizens, a country would crumble. It is inhumane for a country to deprive the people healthcare in the 21st century. Although most countries do have a healthcare system, not all work in favor of the citizens. For example, the United States Health Care system is not adequate for its citizens while the Canadian health care system is. Both nations programs are commonly compared and contrasted. Their greatest differences are the cost management and the accessibility for the citizens. Canada runs a system that provides its Citizens with a mostly free insurance. The Canadian citizens are able to receive primary care, treatment from hospitals, dental coverage as well as other facility services. This has helped Canada become on of the few industrialized countries with a high life expectancy and low child birth mortality rate. On the other hand, The United States has a new form of health care; Obama Care. Although this program has aimed to fixed the problem having a gap in the citizens who qualify for health care, it is still far from perfection.
The U.S health care is the most expensive in the world because of the high administration cost from private health insurance. As Carolyn A. DeCoster and Marni D. Brownell stated, “For every dollar the American commercial health insurance industry’s spent on health claims in 1988, it spent 33.5 cents for administration, marketing, and over- head, while the U.S. Medicare…

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