The Call Of The Wild Essay

1130 Words Dec 14th, 2015 5 Pages
Persevering Through Pain Pain can come in many different shapes or forms, but it almost always requires perseverance to push through the the problem. In Call of the Wild, Buck goes through lots of physical pain and has to mature and adapt in order to persevere through these situations. In contrast, my mom experienced lots of emotional pain, and just had to accept and persevere through the difficulties that she faced. While Buck and my mom differ in the type of pain they went through, they both suffered from loss and their lives were considerably altered. Perseverance is a common trait that is used to help get through painful situations. Buck is faced with many painful problems and has to persevere in order to come out of them alive. He is beaten and mistreated by most of his owners. For example, the first owner that ever hurts him, is the man in the red sweater. He beats Buck over and over again with a club, until Buck will finally give up on being the master of this man. Additionally, Perrault and Francois whip the dogs if they aren’t behaving, and don’t give the dogs the best treatment as they could. The Scotch half-breed only beats the dogs when he needs too, and treats the dogs a little bit better than the other owners. Hal, Charles, and Mercedes don’t know how to take of dogs, so they beat them too much, and don’t give them enough care, which causes most of the dogs to die or be greatly injured. Buck also goes through painful experiences with John, but more…

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