The California State University Of Northridge Essay

777 Words Nov 25th, 2015 4 Pages
I was very pleased to hear you speak at the California State University of Northridge, at the event of State of the City Address. You addressed the citizens of Los Angeles with valid information and phenomenal numbers of what you have inspired to our city. Hearing you speak was pleasant and assuring that I have such a great mayor who cares about his city so much and that my family and I have a well established city for us and our future. You used a great collaboration of ethic appeal that gave us a background of the things you have done, a great logical understandings of why Los Angeles has improved and why you are doing these things, and an emotional appeal to the hard road we Los Angeles citizens have had. Your voice projection was loud and clear, plus you have a great sense of humor which kept the audience with you the whole time. As watching this I appreciated the solid facts and ethic appeal you provided to me which satisfied me. When you started off you got right into the benefits such as the 72,000 new jobs you have brought to Los Angeles as a Mayor. If you had maybe clearly categorized or stated where most of those jobs were distributed, it would have gave the audience and I a better understanding of what jobs these were. I have no comment besides wow on how you have cleaned up 5000 tons of trash off the streets and how you have established 5000 new trash cans through the city. See that was a solid fact and you told us the full aspect of what you did. Just like…

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